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Want to ask a question?

What sizes do Big Screen Video LED screens come in?

Big Screen Video LED screens are custom built, which allows us to offer an unlimited number of sizes to suit your project.

Will the screens operate in full-sunlight?

Yes, Big Screen Video LED screens are specifically designed to operate in full sunlight and high ambient light areas. The brightness of our screens is between five and 10 times brighter than traditional TV options, and the screens adjust their own brightness depending on the level of ambient light.

Are the screens weatherproof?

Yes, Big Screen Video Outdoor LED Screens are weatherproof. The outdoor screens have an IP rating of 65 for the front and 54 for the back.

How heavy are the screens?

Obviously the larger the screen, the heavier it will be. However, our LED panels are ultra-light at only 7kgs per panel this means a 3.75 square metre screen (115 diagonal) can weigh as little as 105kg!

What can I display on my Big Screen Video LED screen?

We have carefully selected control equipment that allows our clients to display virtually any feed on their screen including free-to-air TV, cable TV, PC, DVD and many more. Our screens function exactly as a TV would so anything you can display on a TV in your venue, you can display on your LED screen.

How do we install the screen?

There are various options for installation of our LED screens including hanging, wall-mounting or floor-mounting and we will advise of the best option for each individual venue.

What happens if my screen gets damaged?

Big Screen Video LED Screens are made up of a number of LED panels that are, in turn, made up of a number of LED modules. If one of the modules gets damaged we can simply replace that module (all screens are supplied with a stock of spare modules). Replacing a module takes approximately half an hour and can be done on site (we can even train staff on site how to do this).

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