Watching the footy is second to none on a Big Screen Video Screen! Big Screen Video’s video capabilities are bigger and better than ever!

LED is a diverse product that is well suited to indoor and outdoor locations and unlike traditional options such as the plasma screen or projector, LED video screens are the perfect outdoor solution as it thrives in the sunshine.

Introducing a truly BIG screen to your venue brings enormous benefits. The bottom line is that the competition for people’s attention has never been fiercer, which means you need to be fierce about how you try to win the battle! LED video screens start at the same size as the largest plasma’s available and get bigger from there. Additionally LED screens are built from modular cabinets so the size can be customised to your area.

If you want to create that game day experience in your venue, watch movies, host special events or host any other video content on your screen at your venue, a Big Screen Video LED Screen is the only way to go!

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Video Screens

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We’re really happy, this is the best screen I’ve seen – It’s got the wow factor! So far, there’s been [...]
Allan Cassin