Mobile LED

Mobile LED options will expand your advertising campaign on site or wherever you want to take it!

The Mobi

Our Mobi features 12v6 Traditional panels which are an excellent outdoor solution for the trailer mounted screen.

The Mobi Features:

  • High colour fidelity and uniformity
  • Energy efficient LEDs leading to lower power consumption and lifetime running costs
  • Trailer
  • Option for control by automatic brightness control
  • Option for enhanced resolution by pixel sharing technology
  • Viewing angle of 140 degrees horizontal and 110 degrees vertical
  • Easy repair and maintenance of LED modules and other accessories
  • Front serviceable option
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Screen turning capabilities
  • Full image capabilities
  • Minimal animation

Custom Trailer Screen

Looking for a customised mobile solution? We can work with you to ensure your expectations are met with a custom LED screen and trailer to suit your needs.

Size, pixel pitch, colour and branding are just a few of the elements that can be customised to suit.

What our clients are saying

Seven Adelaide was looking for a tailored solution that included two screens in a side by side configuration however one [...]
Paul Jury
Technical Services Manager