Outdoor Media

Digital Billboards are lighting up the advertising world! LED is providing not only flexibility of use but also a powerful medium for advertising!

As we step further into the digital realm it is only logical that advertising and billboards follow suit.
Evidently, we are seeing increasing number of billboards transition from static to LED billboards.

This is hugely beneficial to the outdoor media market as LED billboards change the game in a variety of ways!

LED is vibrant, so vibrant it attracts the attention of drivers or walkers by, this means your advertising is more likely to cut through and people will notice your message.

LED also saves huge amounts of time and money on printing.

You can switch content with the click of a button, providing unrivaled flexibility.

As the premium supplier of LED billboards, Big Screen Video has the in-house capabilities to provide a turn-key solution for your business. We can give you all the information you need to get your billboard live and raise revenue today!

What our clients are saying

Big Screen Video have delivered the goods – the 130 square metres of wrap-around screens in Crown Sports Bar are [...]
Shannon Blake
Project Manager