Why the footy season could leave you feeling a little empty.

January 22nd, 2018

You can hear the cheer of the crowd. You can see the people piling in. You can hear the chant. You can smell the excitement. Yeah you guessed it, these are the sounds of the AFL and NRL starting. What a fantastic time of year, especially for local pubs and bars. I mean is there anything better than seeing your venue filling up with willing patrons? There is just one problem though.

What if that venue isn’t yours. This happens, publicans hear and see other venues nearby filling up with excitement and think to themselves “why aren’t they coming to my venue? I have the space, I have the food, I have the beer specials,  I have the music”.

Now don’t get me wrong, these things are worthy of a good pub, but there is something missing.

Can you guess what it is? A big LED Screen!! Trust us when we say fans want to scream at their favorite AFL and NRL team, they want to see them on a huge screen, they want to sit amongst the atmosphere that is a packed pub full of screaming fans.

Now this isn’t a secret, if you live in Australia, there’s a good chance you love nothing more than sitting at your local on a Friday Night yelling at the umpire for holding the ball. We know we do.

So, in case you need reminding, your customers want more. They want big drink specials and a big screen to watch the AFL and NRL on.

Honestly, the footy does wonders for hotels, pulling in crowds, and keeping them there!  But for some it can leave that empty feeling. Don’t be empty this footy season, get a really, really big LED Screen. Your patrons will love you for it.

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