Did we go too big?

December 12th, 2017

If you live in Adelaide and you didn’t spend all last week sleeping

you would be well aware of the sporting event that had most of us drinking beer, hanging with mates and taking a day or two off work. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Pimms!! Yes, we’re talking about the Ashes Test.

But it had us thinking here at BSV did we overdo it?

Now we’re not talking about the amount of UV rays or the amount of drinks we may or may-not have had.


We’re talking about the LED screens, huge marquee (4x15x15M), lighting and 1750 chairs.


Sound familiar? Well you’d be right…the members-only Village Green at the Adelaide Oval was the place to be.

You already know we’re big on LED and we’re heavily involved with the Adelaide Oval but you may not be aware that we help bring the Village Green to life too.

Let us paint a picture for you and you can decide if we went too big. Firstly, getting our equipment to the Adelaide Oval took not one but four B-Double semi’s. It took us two weeks to build, we hired another 5 contractors, installed 5 LED Screens, the marquee had glass hard-walling and flooring and of course we project managed the entire install. We also installed a 5.5mm full outdoor high refresh rate LED Screen for the rear of the stage. Sounds like a lot, right? This is in addition to the launch of the recently completed installation of 1000 linear meters of LED Perimeter Signage on ground level, level 3 and level 4.

Now consider this. Nearly 200,000 people attended the Ashes Test

over the 5 days, and more than 16 million videos were viewed across all platforms. That’s some big numbers. But for those that didn’t make it to Adelaide Oval, chances are you viewed the cricket on one of our other LED Screens that were installed for the Ashes, including the Neon Bar and Kitchen, Renewal SA’s Urban Beach, Sky City beer garden and the Adelaide Convention Centre home ground. We made sure you had plenty of places around Adelaide to watch the Test in style. You’re welcome.

So, did we really go too big? Well that’s for you to decide, but chances are if you attended any of the 5-day Ashes Test you would agree that we didn’t– in fact we’d like to think at events like the

Ashes you can’t go too big. Not to mention at Big Screen Video we don’t do things by halves.













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