5 ways to drive Social Engagement at your next event

February 15th, 2017

Increasingly we’re seeing the event space as a great opportunity to grow your social following as well as drive social engagement! Here’s 5 simple ways to drive social engagement at your next event:

1. Create a hashtag specific to your event

It’s important to make this something unique to your event, check it prior and ensure it doesn’t clash with some irrelevant interstate or overseas tags.

2. Market your hashtag prior to the event

In the weeks leading up to your event, ensure you plaster your tags everywhere so people can recall it easily when they attend

3. Have props at the event

Instagram frames, photo booths, masks etc. are a great way to encourage the selfie!

4. Create incentives for people to use your hashtag, share your posts and promote your brand

These incentives often work well in the way of a competition of sorts, get creative – get people to name a dish or drink, create talking points relevant to your brand. Giveaways and competitions also work really well!

5. Make your social media presence prominent at the event

Making social media feeds visual at your event is a great way to encourage people to use your tags in their posts. People love to feature on the BIG screen, talk to us about how you can make it happen!

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