November 09th, 2016

Did you know… there are two types of LED screens: Dual In-Line Package (DIP) and Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD).

People often tend to believe one is better than the other, but it’s all dependent on product application and we sell both!

SMD Screens

SMD screens mean each LED has three chips inside to produce the colours and, as the name suggests, the LEDs are surface mounted. We find SMD tends to be preferable for close viewing distances and viewing angles whereby people are likely to be seeing the screen from directly underneath.


DIP Screens

DIP screens are made up of independent red, green and blue LED bulbs that are joined with two connector feet. Through-hole soldering mount these DIP LEDs. DIP is great for applications where there’s vast amounts of direct sunlight and greater viewing distances. This is because DIP screens can run significantly brighter than SMD. However, if you put DIP in the wrong applications you will tend to see the independent red, green and blue LED bulbs from certain applications or up close!



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