The BIG do’s and don’t of creating artwork for LED singage

August 12th, 2016

The BIG do’s and don’ts of creating artwork for LED signage

We help all our clients through consultation of artwork design and commonly see recurring mistakes.

For LED, content is king! While we supply varying resolutions of screens, if you have great, suitable content for your screen, you can make any resolution work for you.

If you think about your LED sign in the context of signage, the same rules will always apply for effective advertising and delivery of a message as for static print signage.

When it comes to signage, you generally only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, whether driving by, walking through to an event or featuring in the background of an event. Therefore, your message needs to be clear and simple with appealing design.

We recommend following the 3 B’s

Your audience needs to be able to read your message from a distance

Signage with a coarser pixel pitch can mean fine text is missed

Contrasting colours will always sing on LED, our LED represents 100% true colour representation and is brighter than a plasma or LCD, so the use of colour can really make an impression on your audience.

What our clients are saying

If you are looking to invest in your venue, completely transform a space and give your patrons a huge wow [...]
Peter Bunett
National President